Another Bike Show Off

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User Comments
Sinky (13 years ago)
I liked the dads quote 'Woah, get up!' - What was he thinking? Hey man you did good, you fell on your face and got concusion, but dont forget you still have to get up and bow for the crowd and camera!
rainflower (13 years ago)
he's just practicing to be one of those motor cycle show off guys in about 10 years. glad he's ok though;)
daminmancejin (13 years ago)
that kid wasn't really hurt.
bigcassey (14 years ago)
What a f**king Knob!!!! He deserved that, the Helmet wearing tosser!!!
andy05 (14 years ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha u suck u jack-a$$
dang (14 years ago)
dang (14 years ago)
ha ha :D
LoneWolf (14 years ago)
lol........kid was just laying there. Probably thinking to himself WTF??? Glad he is ok.
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