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User Comments
babegurltasha (11 years ago)
that was hilarious
VictoriaLizabeth (12 years ago)
Actually with a combination like that, it's not a giant into a double back flip.. A giant is a complete rotation around the bar and he releases into his second skill way to early for it to be a giant. This is actually Tripp Glasgow's triple back off.:D
AliCebHated (12 years ago)
The first move iz a "giant" nd then the second one is a "double back flip" but he released 2 late so he hit the bar instead of landing..i myself am a gymnast but ive nevr hit the bar like that..looks really painful!
redlov143 (13 years ago)
That sux but it was pretty funny:p
Archangel (13 years ago)
Maybe, "backbreaker?"
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