Gun Twirling

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User Comments
kiteflyer (10 years ago)
good weed eater action.
DezrtAngel (14 years ago)
That's insane! I love it! :D
Beki (14 years ago)
thats really cool!!!!!:)
celticwarrior (14 years ago)
stuff like that is taught in military academies, so really its not a big waste of time. so if you join the marines or something you wont be learning stuff like that, youll be get yelled at by some little drill instructor with a bad temper. and oh yeah, i can do that too
Sinky (14 years ago)
I'm sure those skills will really come in hand when he is sent to Afgahnistan! - What a waste of training time! ;)
kallie (14 years ago)
omg as if my bro is learning today the boring*respectful* versoin thing of that god learn that u ginger freak no offence to gingers there:);):o:pB):D
blakboi187 (14 years ago)
i can do that
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