Bungee Accident

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bigballs22 (8 years ago)
nice day
Simonizer (11 years ago)
No serious damage done - luckily the moron landed on his head....
toonups (12 years ago)
Seen this many times along with his interview. He broke an ankle and a couple ribs but no major damage. It was a birthday gift. One I hope he can return.:-)
Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
It's amazing that he lived through that!! Wow!! Absolutely horrendous!!:o
trollboylover (13 years ago)
omg wow i'm speachless
sabretooth (13 years ago)
lol that was funny what dumb motherf*ckers
jonesbros (13 years ago)
celticwarrior (13 years ago)
i dont know about that guy but i would adjust the ropes a bit and do a swan dive off of it, but then again im just a crazy american with nothingg to live for.;)
Sinky (13 years ago)
Yeah. Another thing I remember. The guy wanted to go higher than what anyone else had that day and they had to string two of their bungee cords together - Thats where the weak point was at the join. It snapped there and well you know the rest...
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
Well, if he lived I am happy.........but you still won't dangle my body from a rubber band! B)
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