Zero G Kitty

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User Comments
Basketball101 (12 years ago)
lol it seemed like he was spinning out of control.:(
jennaleia (13 years ago)
The video is FASTER than normal speed, and I think that cat enjoyed his trip into zero g! He lived long past the video and was a happy cat. :D
DezrtAngel (13 years ago)
Poor kitty! Those people are sooo mean! :@ Why couldn't they do that with a less liked a monkey! ;)
celticwarrior (13 years ago)
trust me i hate cats (get into garbage too much) and i think thats awsome! :D
Sinky (13 years ago)
As a cat lover that is shan!:|
geek_92 (13 years ago)
Flying cats, timeless.
chito_chris (13 years ago)
that as totally Awesome!
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