Girl Skater

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DougzillaX (13 years ago)
in my last sentence i meant they should have another vid:o
DougzillaX (13 years ago)
its so sad how they almost walk away from landing the trick but fall for no reason. they defintly have the skillz to put down trix. they have another vid where they actually land somethingB)
bamskatergirl14 (13 years ago)
funky dude (13 years ago)
i like when gils skate i'm a skater and were i com from it is only boys
TCoffey92 (14 years ago)
they should've shown her land it at least once bc from the looks of that she cant sk8 fer her life
jfmfit2003 (14 years ago)
She should learn how to fall! At least until she can get it right more often than wrong? Just dont let her get her hands on a car!!.......FOR SURE!
ferret87 (14 years ago)
i do enjoy this footage... she is good .but these are her wipe outs
LoneWolf (14 years ago)
I am sure it is just a collection of her wrecks.......notice the clothes are different in almost every scene. I love you BoFunk are as drunk as me!!!
Sinky (14 years ago)
Some people don't know when to quit! - She should have taken up gymnastics as that cartwheel was fab! Sinky
Big D (14 years ago)
She GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
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