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sistermaryelephant (9 years ago)
the positve and negative magnetic fields push against one another. Try pushing two magnets against each other on a table. One side of each magnet is positive, the opposite side negative. Positive will attract negative, while opposites repel. When they repel, they will slide away from each other without touching.
celestiabenitasingh (10 years ago)
wat are the things used
magnet , ....?
scythe142 (11 years ago)
ive seen this before, if i remember right its a material that becomes magnetic at extremely low temperatures.
sas134uk (12 years ago)
Sounds like you guys should be working at Area 51!
jcq4sure (12 years ago)
well thats nitrogen which is supper cold and the black thing is a magnet the metal is coper if you freeze the magents and put a piece of cooper thast what u get cause the cold messed the gravity pull!! or u can have a cope plate on a OLD disk player sping it around and put a magnet on top and it floats.
mojobojo (12 years ago)
If held upside down it will do the same thing.
Alogia2004 (13 years ago)
I KNO! Its has sumthin to do with sience!! lol
Foyiyev (13 years ago)
Superconductivity Experiment with YBaCuOx (123) or may be BiSrCaCuOx (2223) Vlad Fotiyev:)
ferret87 (14 years ago)
jim12 (14 years ago)
that is pretty cool ive never seen anything like that
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