Asian Star

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hwang soo-jan (12 years ago)
Hi, the guy's name is Lee Min-woo and he is part of a K-pop group called Shinhwa. He's also well-known for appearing nearly nude in pictures from time to time (and looks quite stunning, I might add). Okay, that's your question answered. But I'm going to tell you a bit more. The girl's name is called Pada or 'sea' in Korean. She is also part of an all-girl singing group in Korea. Both of them are dressed in traditional Korean dress called Hanbok and it appears that they are being interviewed for Solar New Year (1st January) as opposed to Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year). He's taking the piss out of her hat saying it's like a c*ckerel's red fleshy bit on the top of its head...sorry, I don't have a clue what that is called in English. And the camera points out that he is not wearing the sort of shoes he should be wearing with a Hanbok. At the end, two other members of his band are stripping topless for the camera. Sorry for getting carried away, I'm at university taking Korean studies.:D:-)
Tomasu815 (13 years ago)
i dont get it/its stupid:@
msshaun (13 years ago)
I didn't like it
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