Jump Through Glass

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User Comments
computerman1989 (10 years ago)
i wish he got a big piece of glass go through his head and killed him
jirstan2 (11 years ago)
These guys actually get paid to do this crap. Oh, and that's not your ordinary pane of glass, that's a shower door.
twistedfairy (11 years ago)
no mercy?NO i think its NO BRAINS!
KainDamienNova (13 years ago)
OMG......... MY EYE!!!!! Where did it go..... Got it..... Hey look.... FREE EYE BALL:):):):):)
Johncecily (13 years ago)
I think I'll go poke myself in the eye
SomeGuy (13 years ago)
wce (13 years ago)
yeah thats just straight up stupid
Najee (13 years ago)
He lost his mind!:o
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