Speed Racer

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jirstan2 (10 years ago)
The caption says "triple the speed limit." In most places, it's an automatic felony if you get caught doing triple the limit. Dummies, save it for the track or you're going to end up hitting some family in their car that didn't see you or expect you to be doing triple the limit and end up dead, killing someone else, or both and in jail for a long time. Oh, and btw, your car is a pos.
king_kripple (12 years ago)
I love to drive fast...but not on highways that are even mildly busy. I save it for the wide-open and empty. No exceptions.
Metal_head (13 years ago)
Ya I agree. I myself am a total speed freak and cant get enough. But even I know not to race like that on public roads and crowded streets.
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
Yeah.....sometimes we post stuff hoping the police recognize them and use it as evidence.
saughtvol (13 years ago)
These a$$holes remind me of those a$$holes on that video here on bofunk who threw food at a girl who was working at the drive-through window
Sinky (13 years ago)
Oh by the way. I wasn't supporting this type of driving. I have pa$$ed advanced driving with my local police and would NEVER drive like this. But it is good to see what it would be like if I was that brainless, stupid and had a total disregard for other peoples lives! Sinky
Sinky (13 years ago)
To Shadow 53: Glad to hear that kid went to Juvie. In the UK there was a serious smash a couple of years ago because of a 16 year old boy who smashed into a car at what you would call an intersection. All he got was made to pay 75 copensation(?!) to the injured driver whose car was written off. Some compensation huh! If you like I could try getting it from video onto my PC and Email it to Bofunk.com Sinky
christina dostilio (13 years ago)
YES!----What might "seem" COOL in the short-term IS NOT always COOL in the LONGER-term! THINK--of "OTHER's"--It isn't "just YOU" out -----there.
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
I think it is more than 1000 to 1. You have to multiply that 1000 by each judge because they keep letting scumbags back on the street. The cops do their jobs, the judges are the enemies. :(
shadow53 (13 years ago)
Where are all the cops? Well when you're out numbered at least a 1000 to one you can't be everywhere. You basically have to be right there when it happens to be able to do anything about it. Even if a citizen gets the license plate of the car you can't prove it without a video tape. Its hard even to get a conviction when I arrest people for it. When I was on patrol last night I saw three cars racing at over 100-mph. One of them shot across all the lanes, spun out and hit the soundwall. And who was driving? An unlicensed 16yr old. He went to juvie and the car went to the tow yard for 30 days. I'm sick of all these idiots out there racing. If you think you're good then take it to a road course like Willow Springs or Laguna Seca and prove it I'll be there right next to you. Because trust me you wont beat my radio or my black and white on the freeway.
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