Weird Rocket

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User Comments
Simonizer (12 years ago)
Wouldn't the weight of the water negate any additional thrust it might provide? Newton's laws and all that? :-)
Simonizer (12 years ago)
nice job. The ending was inevitable. Maybe include a parachute next time?
Numpty (13 years ago)
Looks and sounds like a large (possibly copper or plastic) domestic hot water cylinder expelling compressed air, Co2 or some other gas to gain its propulsion ... goes quite a way up in the air don't it ... I bet it would really go some if it was about a 3rd full of water as well as compressed gas ... kewl B)
Metal_head (13 years ago)
HAHA that was KKOOLL!!!
jim12 (14 years ago)
haha thats great
Sinky (14 years ago)
I hope that wasn't a NASA experiment.:(
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