Doggie Football

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User Comments
saughtvol (13 years ago)
what a great idea, puppy football! Ranks right up there with pigeon lacross, and chicken cricket!
king_kripple (13 years ago)
HAAHAHHHAAHHA, reminds me of the time I slap-shot a dachshund across the living room for biting my finger for no reason.
jim12 (14 years ago)
lol thats freaking funny i think i love animals to but that is freaking so funny i started rolling
Beki (14 years ago)
yea thats great!!!! your funny and werd, i just dont get yea man. lol:p
wordlife26 (14 years ago)
i agree wit beki i am a animal lova:D
Beki (14 years ago)
yea i know but i guess being a animal lover, i see things the wrong way. yea same here if i were to have seen that in real life i would kick that persons a$$. jk i guess i could not control my feelings when i saw that and to you lonewolf, it is -k- i understand that it was for a laaugh.:D
wordlife26 (14 years ago)
ahhhhhhhh very funni i wish i would of saw that if i did tho i woulda murdered that person who kikes that CUTE dog:D
LoneWolf (14 years ago)
Beki, it is a commercial from somewhere in Europe. Nobody ever kicked a dog. It is computer generated. If it was a REAL dog, I would not post something like that. ;)
Beki (14 years ago)
this is really _____ up, u should of had not post that u a$$::o
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