Cat Experiment

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User Comments
iceman (12 years ago)
i am logging off to try that immediately
Basketball101 (12 years ago)
what is wrong with you guys lol?
hotlad12 (13 years ago)
yeah put a bit of tape on their arse they love it
Beki (13 years ago)
yea funny exaclly, what lomgwolf said, yea same here, dido:p
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
I think it is amazing how sensitive their fur is. Can you imagine how much better our lives would be if we had that kind of touch perception. No more stubbed toes, no more pa$$ing out drunk and having toenails painted and.......uh....nevermind
hyperse7en (13 years ago)
dude! put tape on thier paws its hilarious!!! dont worry i love my cats too. all 4 paws and they jump and run and shake thier legs like theyre having a siesure:D
Beki (13 years ago)
well i love cats, and well thatx sucks that they are doing that to the cat, but i pretty shure that cat will do somthing to teh man one day, like scratch his eye put. i bet that cat is calling him a f*cker!!!heheha:D:@:(:o
Sinky (13 years ago)
If you try to push a cat from the sides they instictivley move the opposite way. Its the same if you press down on them.B) Did you know cats are tickly on their back legs about an inch above their paws - They hate getting touched there! Sinky B)
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