Hit Student

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User Comments
mrskid (10 years ago)
that teacher hits like a pussy
Acid (11 years ago)
I would've kickedboxed his ass to the floor I swear I wouldve killed him if he touched me like that
qUeEnTes (12 years ago)
hOnesTlY caN tHey dO tHat......mAn tHat iS sO wRonG...iF hE dOne That tO mE.....i wIl sO gO mEntAl anD pUt hIm iN hoSpItal......iT woNt bE juSt mE giVing hIm tHe bAsh iT'l bE mY fAmiLly tO....i jUst dOnt kNow hOw tHat giRl coUld sTand tHerE aNd tAke tHat sH*t....bRo mAn nOw tEachEr neEdz tO lEarN a lEasOn.......:@:@:@:@
criztian (12 years ago)
if i wuz dat girl i would of FUCKED his ASS up!!!!!!!!!:@
DarkMaster (12 years ago)
i would have f*cked him up so f*ckin bad!!!!!!!!!:@
iceman (12 years ago)
i hope her dad is huge and mad
soad_HIM (13 years ago)
the teacher cant do that!!!:@ i woulda kicked the sh*t outta that teacher!!! Jade xXx
dan05 (13 years ago)
i would of picked him up and chucked him on his head:p
Beki (13 years ago)
yea, i would of hit the teacher back if i could, and kicked his a$$, well self defence right, but i dont know mabye they allow that in some contrys, who knows.:(:o
atheeqmr (13 years ago)
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