Asian Pop Star???

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Veggiety (10 years ago)
The video was well - mediocre at best. Sorry but I didnt like his voice or the grown women dancing around a tiny child. Just too weird. I would like to make a comment to Markus. Seriously Markus that was inappropriate. You need to stop spreading hate. White and black pride is dumb. Be proud of a culture not a color. Plus Asians are colored as white as any white person I know. But my point is that everyone have the right to be proud of their culture.
Markis (12 years ago)
Im so sorry but what do koreans or any oreintal people have proud to be of ? theres white and black pride but what do japanese have anything to have a pride out of ?
ashwey (12 years ago)
JKDConcepts01 (12 years ago)
fuk shyt i got vietnamese friends and they hecka coo,...shyt...they gangsta haha...and furreal i took Jeet Kune Do Concepts wit one and he helluh good...
Exodius (13 years ago)
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
I personally don't care where he is from.......look at the chicks he is surrounded by.
PhatxSumo (13 years ago)
that kids freaken viet dumba$$
akonahutt (13 years ago)
Can anyone say M. Jackson? but seriously this kid is Thai, and well damn... nuthing like exploiting the youth lol
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