Tax the rich

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saltydan07 (7 years ago)
This was begun with slanted figures and used them to try to smear Obama. That was for those who are too poorly educated to understand political propaganda. Our problems stem from too many years of George W. and the mess he left behind him! Congress has placed roadblocks in the way of any legislation Obama or the Democrats have proposed. We are in an autocracy and do not realize it.
mcmartin27 (7 years ago)
I have seen some bullsh*t in my time... this is smellist, untruthful, and one trackminded load I have ever seen. Whoever made this... Go f*ck youself. You don't even deserve a better put insult then the F-word. If I even knew where you lived... I would force feed you a cup full my own sh*t and tell you that's what my eyes just saw, now taste something I can make.
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