Mario Balotelli Showboating FAIL

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mantorok09 (7 years ago)
@manny1 He was talking about the movie "Kicking and Screaming." It's about Will Ferrel coaching a soccer team that never wins and then he finds two Italian boys that are like soccer prodigies and he puts them on his team and they do all the work. And in one part of the movie, they're like showing the boys doing all these crazy soccer tricks, and on of them spins around while dribbling and kicks the ball in backwards for a goal. That's what the commentator was referring to, not any sort of slander on Italian people.
manny1 (7 years ago)
like the italians kicking and sreaming??????? was that s#!t talking towards italians or is it jus me.if the italian mobb heard that this guy wont be goin into work on monday
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