Ferro Fluid

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test1 (11 years ago)
This is done with high pitched sounds over liquid or solids such as sand or salt. Depending on the pitch (length) of the sound waves hitting the medium, you get a pattern that is very symmetrical.
elcholo (13 years ago)
its obiously a guy blowing the liquid with a straw or some thing , try it
Numpty (13 years ago)
Similar effect to putting iron filings on a piece of card and moving a magnet underneath ... the filings align themselves with the magnetic flux field to produce a pattern which illustrates the magnetic field ... Think of the ferro-fluid as being similar to billions of tiny iron filings but in a fluid suspension ... same sort of magnetic flux patterns are created ;)
Anthrosaurian (13 years ago)
If you dont understand what the Ferro Fluid Magnetic Liquid site is talking about or dont even believe it to be English let me dumb it down....You can make the liquid turn into a ball by putting a magnet under the bucket or container, and you can make it disappear by removing the magnet. That is ALL it says!!!
BillyB (14 years ago)
You can read all about Ferro Fluid Magnetic Liquid at link below: http://www.tommcmahon.net/2004/05/ferro_fluid_mag.html
jminatta (14 years ago)
Either sound waves or a vibration causing harmonic frequency. Beats me!!
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