Weird Water Trick

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manny1 (7 years ago)
pepople do you believe in aliens or flying saucers? because i do, and to the people that think this aint nutn, have you guys ever heard of real testimonys from people that have said they seen lights shoot out from the water or round shaped objects come out of the ocean? maybe now we humans know that aliens dont touch the water wen they submerge maybe even the air "oxygen" they simply just super heat the water doesnt touch the ship or slow it down on an emrgency take off, as all the witnesess had said , in other words the water doesnt control the ship's movements but the things inside the ship that seem to glide the ship just like in the air or passed the atmosphere. boooya people proof my theory wrong i dare you. they're among us wake up humanity some day our war wont be with us humans, so we cant keep giving the aliens a show or a right for them to think we humans are stupid out of control creatures on the count of stupid people like (shhhh the f*@&n government).
juujuuuujj (7 years ago)
Vida, you want this to help you get laid or something? It's a cool counterintuitive demonstration, what were you expecting?
vida (7 years ago)
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