Quadrorcopter Ball Juggling

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AlisherIgamberdiev (8 years ago)
manny1, you got some issues. you cant make other people "Believe", everyone has their own opinion, and since you don't get that, it makes you ignorant.
manny1 (8 years ago)
and all of you thought u.f.os were fake ..... were do you think they got the idea?movies? ... please stop being stupid. in a world were light takes years to get to its destinations, passes humans stupid way of thinking ... stupid ass non beliven ass humans. watch wen they show up then it will be oh my gosh wats that no way, you stupid ignorant humans. to all who dont belive, you fucken lame ignorant asses.. all you punks know wat to do is be selfish self centered rich wanabe lame fucks. why you think they come down here and make fools of us... and ya'll so smart....right.
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