Hot Chick Reporter Butchers Grammy Gig

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g8tr96 (7 years ago)
Your welcome Sis. I probably jumped the gun a little by saying she had a stroke before she was properly diagnosed. But the insensitivity of some people now a days is rather sickening. I was diagnosed with migraines a couple of years ago; never had anything like hers. Now that I know she was having a severe migraine, the simple fact that she still tried to do her job during it is very impressive to say the least. The pain had to be pretty bad for her. Hope it never happens to her again.
BigSis (7 years ago)
Thanks g8tr96 for standing up for her! Ultimately turns out she did not have a stroke, thank God, but a severe migraine!! They can be pretty miserable! Mostly we think of migraine as causing, pain, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound; but I have heard of several mimicing strokes, changes in the pupils, short term memory loss!
Again, thanks g8!!!
g8tr96 (7 years ago)
Nice job for inquiring why she was slurring. In case you didn't know already, she was having a stroke. But some how you will probably still find it funny. Idiot

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