What Marijuana Puts In Your Lungs

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manny1 (7 years ago)
wats all the talk about aspirin and stuff this video was just plain f#@ken stupid thats all dum asses who did the video thinking it was funny.
mantorok09 (7 years ago)
@imillard Alright, first off, this video was a joke. They burn a joint and it collects a rainbow tie-dye spiral? C'mon it's obviously just a joke, saying that smoking pot puts rainbows and happiness in your body :D Now, on a serious note, smoking pot IS still harmful. You're inhaling smoke no matter how you cut it! Unless you cook it into food, you're going to burn and inhale it somehow, which means you're inhaling carbon monoxide and certain tars as well. And in fact, since pot burns so much cooler than tobacco, it's really easy to inhale a drag on a joint so much deeper than a cigarette, which means you're pulling all that harmful smoke down deeper into your lungs. Yes, cigarettes have hundreds of chemicals and carcinogens and crap in them that make them 1000 times worse than pot, I'm NOT trying to say that pot is worse than tobacco, I'm just saying that pot does still have harmful effects, there's no way around it. And all those drugs you listed, Aspirin, Tylenol, etc., the reason those are legal is because scientists have done extensive research on them and found the benefits to heavily out-weigh the few small negative side-effects they have. Plus, the FDA has strict control over the production, distribution, and sales of those types of legal drugs. I'm a firm supporter of smoking marijuana, and I'm not a pansy that's trying to hide behind "medicinal pot" to get MJ legalized, I smoke for recreational usage only! It gets me high and I like it! I do know that it has a lot of medicinal use; but, with all the different strains out there, and different levels of potency, and different growers with different methods, and honestly just utter lack of established regulations on growth and production and quality control of pot, I seriously don't see it becoming a federally accepted, legal medical drug any time in the near future.
imillard (7 years ago)
What was it mixed with?
The typical stoner cuts the grass with tobacco so it burns more evenly.
Tobacco is the killer - not MJ!

Research is showing that Marijuana is good for concentration, and may be useful in the battle against Alzheimers.

Hey vida. "Drugs" includes aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, and many other common medications that helps us smart people deal with idiots like you.
vida (7 years ago)
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