Singing Performance

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User Comments
Markis (11 years ago)
well atleast one kid is doing what others dont have the balls to do, hes showing true manlihood by being brave NOT BY FUCKING WACHING BOARDS OVER YOUR HEAD :D so id say this kid os the most deacent kid out of every kid.
henry (12 years ago)
that guy was not gay you guys are just all homophobes. it was mega funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blakboi187 (13 years ago)
lol. he's gay and hopeless. but this sh*t is funny
RavensChamp (13 years ago)
this guy is a fag
RavensChamp (13 years ago)
plz tell me this wuz his sisters room other then that this wuz great
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