Dork Kid Lip Syncing

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mitmit (7 years ago)
U people don't get it, this isn't a midget or a dork ! He is a verry funny kid that has the guts to put his face out there to the world. All he is doing is trying to give us something funny to make us laugh n all U people can do is call him names n put him down; How can U people look at yourself in the mirror? No wonder people are jumping off briges, u guys make me sick. Stop putting him down just because U don't have the guts he has !!
Hey guy, I think that U are very talented and keep making us laugh. thanks, Timtim. =)
ForexTradingSoftware (7 years ago)
Hes a midget. You are all jerks. He's 15.
gpbarr1 (7 years ago)
Who cares if it's a kid or not...he's just fucking ugly and a dork!
LocNguyen (7 years ago)
yeah, i threw up couple of times watching this... this is shet...
vida (7 years ago)
LocNguyen (7 years ago)
this is not a kid, camera effect makes him look like a kid.
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