Little Girls Dance To Single Ladies

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LouellaFields (7 years ago)
K y'all LI'm going to say this cause I care but.......Its dancing like look im a cheerleader ok and i've seen all star cheerleaders around those girls age doing routines like that i mean we even dance pretty much like that at the school i go to and our school is really strict and well our principals a bitch but thts beside the fact what im sayin is child molestors have nothng to do with this crap! my best friend has a little step sister tat dances like that and even she can control the pace she grows up and i know that i'm not really old enough to see what y'all r tryin to get at and ur right it is a little provocative and inappropriate for girls their age to dance like that, but what im getting at is that its just what we see all these stars do in music videos alot of girls looked up to miley now look at her the intructor was a little bad with the choreography since it upset so many parents but like is dancing meaningless dancing ok if you dont want ur daughter exposed to that crap dont let her watch it dont let her join a dance team if its not ballet or tap or sumtin like dat get over it and stop critizing other parents and i know i have alot of spellin mistakes but i really dont care but again if u dont want ur daughter to dance like those girls or anything dont let her be a cheerleader dont let her on a dance team cause alot of them these days this is what they do this is how u win u have to be dope to make it in the dancing part of this country
thrillerfaction16 (7 years ago)
stop hating because if they were 12 you would not say shit. you only talking about the outfits and the gyrating but there were more ballet moves than shaking booty moves. you talking about how bad the parents are but what about the media when they show sexy videos to your children... blame them as well. but seriously they are more talented dancers than some of the older kids i see. this is supposed to be a dance competiton not a place where molesters are involved. it is DANCING... and if you are having thoughts of children you are sick... stop making it into something it isn't...
crowmeou812 (8 years ago)
If you put an ounce of cocaine in front of an addict he is going to use it. Anyone who finds this cool in any way is a sick fuck. If you want to pimp your kid out then do so but maybe that one person who watches this is a christian psychopath who will find you and show you gods path in his own way.Amen........Get the hint.
wce8383 (8 years ago)
lol you can't seriously believe that people become child molesters and get more "ideas" from something like this... that's hilarious.. sorry but there are young girls *EVERYWHERE* in sexy attire these days. You go to the beach and can see 10000000's of young girls running around in bikinis up close and personal.

You have to stop putting blame to things. There isn't always a reason something happens. Some people are just nut jobs and clearly have some screws loose. For that person who has thoughts of molesting little girls, I don't believe for one minute that watching some dance competition is going to drive them to that point. They already have some serious issues, and if it's not one thing that makes them molest someone, it'l be another, and thats fact.

Unless we take all pictures of young girls off the internet and you keep every young girl locked up in your house for no one to see until they're 18 years old, it's going to happen. LOTS of child molesters are into boys. What is your argument for that one? A little boy on a slip'n'slide turned on some child molester? Give me a break, it's in their head, these psychopaths are going to crazy things regardless.

While I do agree that the outfits could be a bit more concealing, it's DANCE (real dance, I don't mean pole dancing), and don't forget that. It's a type of art. If these girls were covered from head to toe and you couldn't see their body or their face, you wouldn't give a rats ass about the dance moves. These girls are doing what they want to do when they grow up. Just like the little kid playing basketball at 5 years old, or Tiger Woods playing golf at 3, it's what they enjoy doing. Dance in and of itself IS a sport, there ARE competitions. I would agree 1000000%%%%%% more if this was a beauty pageant. I don't think we need to have 10 year old girls modeling lingerie quite yet.

You're right, there is a HUGE difference between a child wearing a bikini to the pool and this, the girl in the bikini is exposed far MORE than these girls.
Psiren (8 years ago)
Ok, let me just clarify my earlier comment. My issue is not as much the "dance outfits" as it is the fact that there is no moral or logical reason for girls that young to be performing a dance routine that pretty much consists of them gyrating on stage. There is a HUGE difference between a child wearing a bikini to the pool and this. And I say not only shame on the parents, but shame also on the dance instructors who teach young children such age inappropriate routines.
FLORA (8 years ago)
wce8383 (8 years ago)
I saw something about this on the news today and they made a good point, young girls wear bikinis in the pool, well this is a "dance outfit" infront of a bunch of people who are there for "dance related" activities.
Psiren (8 years ago)
Kids that age dancing like that is just wrong on so many levels...
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