Bull Tossing Woman Around

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TiTaNz (8 years ago)
Yeah, the video was the 1995 goring of Vicki Moore and she died of cancer 5 years later, not of the injuries. One of her lungs was punctured and she lost a kidney in the attack too so it wasn't 'minor' injuries as stated in the info.
Lanky75 (10 years ago)
I think this was the 1995 goring of Vicki Moore, a 39 year old animal rights activist. She was filming and got out from behind safety barriers for a better picture. She survived this attack but she died 5 years later, and her husband said it was because she never fully recovered from her injuries.
jirstan2 (10 years ago)
Either way, you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns! Sorry, couldn't help myself. I just think that if you're stupid enough to put yourself in that kind of situation, nature usually takes over and shows you how tough you really are.
Blinkings (12 years ago)
No she actually died.
Aristeo1 (12 years ago)
The bull fighter should get that horn in his a$$!!! :@
DarkMaster (12 years ago)
hahaha! thats what she gets!
Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
I wonder if this woman lived. Looks really bad to me!:(
christina dostilio (13 years ago)
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