Bald Tattooed Homeless Guy Sings Like Angel

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TIPOGRAFIE (4 years ago)
FireMonkey (8 years ago)
I'm amazed that anyone would think he was homeless - look at the instrument in his hands - no homeless person could afford that - look at his clothing - yes it is odd but no it is not some sort of cheap thing - it's period custom that fits the music and instrument - nothing about him suggests homeless. So what? He looks different so he is assumed to be homeless?

That said, his voice is amazing - most falsettos have a lot of vibrato but he has a very pure sound which is harder.
mailinator (8 years ago)
This guy lives in Bordeaux, France. He's not homeless but a street performer.
The video was taken in front of the Pey Berland cathedral a while ago (the street pavements have been changed 4 or 5 years ago, so the video is older than that).
If you live in bordeaux, you could perhaps stumble on him at "La taverne du Graal", a gothic bar where I know he sometime is.
ImperatrizMenin (8 years ago)
Astonishingly wonderful!!!
selleria (8 years ago)
it looks like Covent Garden in London but I'm not sure... He might be some kind of street artist.
stonekl (8 years ago)
Please, please...where was he at? Music is beautiful. Was he really homeless? Anymore info than what is in the vid would be appreciated. THanks!
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