Man Destroys 29 TVs At WalMart REMIX

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mcmartin27 (8 years ago)
Probably wanted help with TV's, but every F*cking Ghetto-Mart has crap customer service at best. Never a soul around and if you find someone, they don't really want to help you. Like hey man you're bothering me at my job.
whiskerbiscuit (8 years ago)
See here we have a classic case of the chicafacation of this counrty. When men where real men they would have stopped him after the first one kicked his ass. Back when I was a kid I got caught shoplifting the guy smacked my ass called my Dad I got my ass kicked again and my dad told the guy to knock my phucking head off if he cought me doing it again. I never ever even thought about stealing again.
LoneWolf (8 years ago)
Face behind the episode...
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