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Trolley On Road in Russia
What the heck is he doing? Is he trying to die?
Category: WTH Videos
Chinese University Games hurdler
I think someone needs to inform this guy on how to run the hurdles
Category: WTH Videos
San Diego Fireworks Show Fail
How pissed would you be if you waited hours for a firework display and this happens?
Category: WTH Videos
Do that Toe Tappy
Is this a parody or is it real? This was submitted and I am not sure.
Category: WTH Videos
River Bus
Something tells me this bus should not be driving through so much water
Category: WTH Videos
Real Life Sharks with Wicked Laser Beams
User submitted this. I would like to see one like this in lower light.
Category: WTH Videos
Coastal Carolina Batting Stance Guy
Odd stance for sure. I wonder if it really does help him.
Category: WTH Videos
Cat Soccer
soccer match with the ball digitally replaced with a cat.
Category: WTH Videos
Tree Top
Huh? Why was this sent to us?
Category: WTH Videos
Parking fail
Oops.....I would have to say this guy failed pretty badly.
Category: WTH Videos
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Sexy Video
Great video. Get to be entertained two ways.......one way if your not into women.

gopro freefall from 12500 without case
Member sent this in. It appears as though the camera falls off the helmet and falls to the ground....the ending actually surprised me. I want one now!

Popping a Monster
man, this thing is absolutely GROSSSS I can't believe people actually sit an film this!#$

Young Girls Dancing
These young ladies decide to bring the club.....and gym....home

Good Night Sexy
Gotta be a guy's worst nightmare. Glad he didn't get invited in!

Armless Guitar Toe Jam
Dude with no arms plays a mean guitar and sings too! Check it out. He's awesome!

Fruitcake Lady
haha, this lady is absolutely hilarious... she gives wonderful advice. HAHAHAH she had me in tears laughing

French Sex Commercial
ok... what what is going on in these foreign countries.... weirdooooos :) these are some very interesting ways at having some sex :P

Nasty Pimple
I nearly puked when I saw this..........NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Night
Watch it! If this happen to me, I'd kill her... errr, him. Whatever!

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